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Good morning, welcome to our study where we are going to at the Hebrew pictures in Philippians 4:4-7

Today we going to look at 
Verse 6.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."  Phil 4:6
Be anxious for nothing...
The writer of Philippians (Paul) wants us to understand the depth of spiritual calmness that we have in the care of Abba Father. Yeshua knew it, every moment of his life. Paul is anxious that we let go of our anxiety. Paul places the word nothing first. Literally, the sentence reads, “Not one thing be anxious about.”
Yeshua’s work leaves nothing to be done. YHVH Elohim created out of nothing. YHVH's purposes lack nothing. “Be anxious for not a single condition or circumstance.”
There are things worth caring about as a Child of God but they just aren’t the circumstances of our lives. It is worth caring about seeking the kingdom, caring about proclaiming the Christ, caring and loving others. But life’s situations, no, they are not worth caring about.
Even in the means of life, money, food or shelter, YHVH Jireh (Our Provider) knows what we need.  Literally not one condition worth worrying about.  
Whatever you face in life, whatever is in front of us that looks like a mountain, that all is just conditions - just lots of what if’s, maybe’s and circumstances.
Paul’s word for anxious is the Greek word merimnate. It means anxiety that disrupts the tranquil state of mind and disturbs the personality. This is the place where we just can’t stop thinking about what might happen to us....
We read in Matt 6:34 where Yeshua says “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself” He points out that no anxiousness, concerns or any unhappiness will really make any difference in life.  Yeshua tells us that worry is useless because worry does not take YHVH into account.
This statement comes at the end of Yeshua’s famous discussion about seeking the kingdom of God as the highest priority of life. Yeshua looks out on the hillside, He sees the flowers and the grass and the birds. Yeshua teaches the crowd following Him, Matt 6:30 – 32 “…if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall He not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? “
Worry is not only making you weak, it is evil because worry is listening to Satan whispering ever so quietly, “God has forgotten you. He really doesn’t care about you. He’s too busy. Have you ever heard these words? I have, and they are all lies. Just yesterday I felt this voice questioning my trust in God. “You’re being a fool. God isn’t going to take care of you. Look at your life, everything is slipping away”.
Then Yeshua said to me, “Are you going to trust me?” I then looked back and see Abba Father's faithfulness.. Then I looked at the grass under my feet, the birds in the sky… and He tends to it all. Yes, my Father has not forgotten me. He is faithful even when I cannot see what is happening.

Paul continues but in everything
The word Paul uses describes the contrast between  ‘being anxious’ and ‘making requests’ it is like night and day. One way of thinking is completely opposite of the other way.
We have plenty of experience with the way of anxiety. It is the road of burdens and cares. It is the freeway of frustration. Every exit is closed and we just can’t get off. But Paul jumps in with a new roadmap... STOP, RIGHT NOW!!  Who cares about all the rest of that traffic screaming by in reckless chasing of fruitless possessions? STOP THE CAR AND JUST GET OUT! Right in the middle of it all. Just leave those things behind. Walk away, you were going nowhere in a hurry. Make a total and radical shift in direction. Notice immediately that Paul does not say, 'But for everything' he says 'But *in* everything'.  He tells us that the Lord is near in every circumstance. Therefore, we are able to let go of worry no matter what the situation. We are NOT  told to be thankful for heartache, trials or tragedy. We are instructed to turn our focus on Him in all of those circumstances that would otherwise steal our joy. The circumstances may be quite terrible, but the Lord is still near. Abba Father does not promise to fix it all (not yet) but He does promise 'rest in it all'. We are not instantly lifted out of the mess of life but we are transformed in the mess so that the mess no longer controls us. We live on different terms, YHVH’s terms.

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Let us pray:
Abba, will us ever understand that You are omnipresent...
Thank you Father that I can know that You are near me in all the circumstances of my life, never letting me down but transforming me in my circumstances and that they will no longer control me. Father I ask that You will capture all my thoughts so that I will no longer listen to the enemies lies, but to turn my focus on You.
Thank Abba, for being a good good Father, that Is who You are, and I love you Abba.
I pray this in the Mighty Name of Yeshua, Amen

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