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I once heard the story of a wife that was married to a super-critical man, who professed to be a Christian.  He would practically monitor every move his fellow church-goers made and in the event of them setting a foot wrong he would feel the need to tell them about it. The wife felt that her husband’s negativity and hyper-critical outlook was getting the best of her and she motivated her feelings by stating that she felt he is holding her back to live the life she feels called to live. She felt that they were unequally yoked. A travelling preacher passed by their church for some time. It was at one particular evening service that the church posed some questions to the preacher, and those questions came from the congregation who would of course remain anonymous. The wife saw this as an opportune time to get some confirmation on her feelings and maybe, just maybe be ‘lead’ to justify herself. So, the question of her husband holding her back came to the preacher and to her astonishment it did not pan out to be the desired response. The preacher sunk his teeth into her juicy-steak question and answered;
“I want to thank whoever asked that question and for the humbleness to do so, but here’s the thing – it is impossible for your husband to hold you back, unless you have an eye that allows that.”
He continued;
“No one can keep you from God’s presence and the work of Holy Spirit and you becoming LOVE!”
Again he continued;
“If you fix your eyes on what he doesn’t see, and let what he doesn’t see determine what you do see, you’ve been deceived and you are making him lord and governor over your life, but you singing Jesus is Lord! Please do not be deceived and let your husband decide who you are in Christ. You ought to cry for you husband and think that if he knew who he was in Christ he wouldn’t be touching people in that way.  So, pursue to grow in Christ more, shine more, sowing your seeds and LET GOD WORK IT OUT! If he is being critical, that doesn’t change a thing about you. You just keep growing and loving. Be more loving!”

What the wife decided to do with the above mentioned answer from the preacher remains unknown.  But one thing we need to realise as Christians is that the day I need you to feel good about myself, I am only as good as you see me. Many church leaders will disagree, but in actual fact it proves to be idolatry due to me depending on something or someone outside of the Lord!  Scripture clearly indicates that to know the love of Christ is to be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph 3:19). In order to be filled with all the fullness of God and needing no other person or a different set of circumstances, we need to become intimately and progressively more acquainted to Him and share in His sufferings and furthermore His resurrection!  Now we’re talking Christianity!

Beloved, we cannot allow what people say and do decide our lives. Only Jesus has that right. Why?  Because your life is not your own and the life you now live you live in the body by faith. So reckon yourself dead to sin and alive in Christ. Jesus would never have given up on you even in having substantial reasons to do so. Do not give up on those around you because love covers over a multitude of sins.

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